Meet the Close The Loop ambassadors

Investing in sustainability is the only option for fashion entrepreneurs who want to face the future with confidence.

Close The Loop brings together ambassadors who built a sustainable fashion business or who are taking the green road with their fashion company. We gather their best practices, inspiring other fashion entrepreneurs to go for change.

The Close The Loop trajectories create an influx of ambassadors, but you can also apply for an ambassadorship if you are interested in becoming part of a network of likeminded souls who help and inspire each other, and if you want to participate in  events where you get to learn from each other, share knowledge and exchange experiences.

You’re not alone!

Close The Loop trajectories

Close The Loop is an online platform that guides fashion entrepreneurs towards a circular approach. But we also put the theory into practice with the Close The Loop trajectories, in which consultants and experts join forces with fashion companies who want to put sustainability at the top of their agenda. Together, we map the current situation, set goals and priorities, and chart a personal trajectory for each company.

In 2017-2018, Café Costume, e5 mode and caroline biss signed up for change. For the 2018-2019 period, it’s up to Bonneterie De Groote (Eskimo a.o.), Flanders Fashion Design International (Furore), FNG (Fred & Ginger a.o.), JBC, The Woody Group (Woody), Labels by Andres (Xandres), Marylise & Rembo Styling Fashion Group and Novavo (Atelier Noterman).

Ready to become an ambassador?

Interested in exchanging sustainability tips with fashion entrepreneurs who know the ropes or share your interests? As an ambassador, you become part of an extensive and inspiring network, which makes knowledge sharing easier (and all the more fun)! The fact that you can better show your sustainability efforts to the world via your own ambassador page is obviously a nice bonus.

There are two ways to become an ambassador:

1. Sign up for a Close The Loop trajectory 

To follow in the footsteps of caroline biss and many others, you should keep an eye on the Flanders DC channels so you’ll be the first to know about any calls for participants in our Close The Loop trajectories.

2. Fill out the Close The Loop Planner and get in touch

However, participating in a Close The Loop trajectory is not the only road to an ambassadorship. Is sustainability at the core of your fashion business? Then you can fill out the Close The Loop Planner to tackle your sustainability efforts phase by phase – from resources to end of life – and receive a personalised action plan. Get in touch with us via the contact form. Your application will be reviewed by a team of experts from Flanders DC and Circular Flanders, who will also reach out to you via telephone or email to get a better grasp of your current efforts and finetune your goals. After a positive report from the committee, we create a profile for your company on our website, listing the phases and circular strategies you focus on.


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