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Ever since 1980, Ecover has been investing in the development and the production of sustainable, effective laundry and cleaning products made from plant-based ingredients and minerals, nourishing people and the planet.

Ecover wants to carry the green theme through to the entire organization and all of its activities. Ecover wants to help employees, clients and consumers get the most of their lives by offering products and services designed to be sustainable and produced in a sustainable way.

Ecover is always hungry for new ideas, one of them being the Ocean Plastic bottle. In 2014, an Ecover team went fishing for plastic in the ocean, creating a limited edition bottle as a result.

In 2015 they went a little further, fishing for plastic again but now from their own boat, which was made from 10.000 recycled plastic bottles. With the plastic they collected, they created a new bottle, which is 100% recycled and contains 10% ocean plastic (with the rest coming from other recycled sources).