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Oat Shoes

Oat Shoes was founded in 2009 by Christiaan Maats. Only 2 years later, the brand launched its first collection of biodegradable shoes that bloom. You simply plant these sneakers when they’re worn down and flowers will grow from the seeds hidden in the soles of the shoes. All you need is a favorable soil environment.

Oat shoes are made of certified biodegradable plastics and natural materials like hemp, flax and jute, because these last for about 6 months in the soil. This means that the shoes decompose completely after having been in the soil for a certain time.

Though Oat Shoes filed for bankruptcy in 2015, the brand had everything going for it at first. Its very first collection, for instance, was awarded the Beco Sustainable Hero Award. After this feat, the brand launched Oaties: baby shoes that also return to the earth when your kid has outgrown them. The resulting Tree of Life, a reminder of the futility of consumer culture, grows up together with your baby.