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Südwolle Group

Südwolle Group, a German wool spinner, has launched a sustainable alternative to the chemical treatment of wool. Naturetexx® Plasma treatment is chloral-free process that ensures a better protection of wool fibers during washes. According to Südwolle Group, the fibers lose none of their strength in the process. In addition, they are said to have even better pilling performance than conventionally processed yarns.

The treatment involves zero chemicals or water. Rather, it relies on electricity and air, which saves on water and generates less waste.

How does it work? Plasma is created through the controlled discharge of an electric voltage across a non-conducting gas. The gas inside the plasma can cause a chemical reaction with the wool fibers. When the wool passes through the plasma field, the surface of the fibers reacts with the energized gas, which modifies their structure. This change ensures the strength of the fibers, which are now ready to survive any number of spins in the washer.