With its 100% vegetable bio rubber from the guayule plant, Yulex offers an important alternative to traditional rubber.
‘Zero waste’ is crucial to Yulex, which does not let any part of the guayule plant go to waste. After extracting the bio rubber from the plant, for instance, a bio mass remains that can, in turn, be used in cogeneration units, as bio fertilizer or garden soil, or even for making particle board and other building materials. Yulex closes the loop, returning the byproducts of its natural rubber production to nature.
Since 2014, Yulex has been collaborating with Patagonia to make plant-based wetsuits. Patagonia’s wetsuits are a 60/40 mix (60% guayule, 40% neoprene) in order to reduce its dependence on neoprene. Currently, Patagonia is even looking into the possibilities for developing wetsuits that are 100% guayule.

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