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ALAS Organic Sleepwear

Ever since ALAS was founded back in 2011, the brand has been steadily building a reputation for itself: it is now synonymous with well-designed, high-quality and sustainably produced sleepwear. Quite a mouthful, right? All ALAS clothes are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton (GOTS is short for Global Organic Textile Standard) or from recycled polyester, in honest working conditions and in ethically responsible, SA 8000-certified factories. The pieces are made entirely in India, from fibre to finished product, because the cotton is grown, spun, woven and dyed there.

Each and every item of ALAS clothing consists of at least 70% certified, organic fibers, but the recycled PET bottles they use obviously also contribute massively to the energy efficiency and ecologically responsible approach that characterizes ALAS’ production process. PET is a clear and sturdy plastic that’s commonly used to make bottles and other containers. The idea of recycling this material into textile fibers becomes more popular by the day. Plastic bottles that consumers carelessly throw in the trash are shredded into tiny bits, which are subsequently turned into fibers that are spun into yarn. This process uses up to 70% less water, energy, and heat.

After the organic cotton fibers are woven and knitted, it’s time for them to move on to printing and dyeing. This step of the process is also completely free of chemicals and toxins. That’s obviously good news for ALAS employees as well as end users. Lastly, all waste water from the dye and print units is treated so it can be reused for agriculture.

ALAS likes to focus on the big picture. This means that its packaging, labels and business cards are all recycled and recyclable. And because ALAS knows all too well that maintaining clothes requires a lot of energy, the brand stepped up a notch in this respect too: ALAS clothes can be washed in cold water and left to line-dry. The environment and your wallet will be happy to hear about these energy-saving measures!