Bhava is an innovative brand of women’s shoes. Designer and founder Francisca Pineda wants to set a new standard for the industry with her high-quality, artisan, organic and recycled shoes – cruelty-free is the key!

Animal leather as the only option for making premium shoes? Bhava just doesn’t buy it. Pineda strongly believes in the possibilities of toxin-free, vegan leather and attaches a lot of importance to craftsmanship. Her design team closely collaborates with local Italian artisans, who keep their production as energy-efficient as possible with the help of solar panels. Bhava was founded with a sustainable business model in mind, making it a point of honour to personally screen the working conditions of their partners.

Fun fact: Bhava’s famous ‘peep-toe booties’ were made in Alicante, where shoemaking is in people’s blood, thereby supporting the local economy and metier.

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