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Pima Doll

Pima Doll is synonymous with artisanal, ready-to-wear clothes that are designed and produced in New York City and Peru. As the brand name suggests, most Pima Doll items are made from Pima cotton, which is 100% natural and hypoallergenic, cultivated without chemical pesticides and harvested by hand. 50% stronger than regular cotton, it lasts a lifetime. Even the cotton scraps are valuable for Pima Doll, which upcycles them into unique pieces.

Pima Doll reinterprets the omnipresent, classic cotton T-shirt in a collection consisting of T-shirts, dresses, leggings and other unique, handmade pieces. They are all knitted, woven, plaited or crocheted in a traditional manner by women who can work magic with their hands. Relying on these skilled knitters, the brand helps preserve traditional techniques in her modern, playful and casual collection. A beautiful mix of tradition and future, that’s for sure.