(re)vision society

(re)vision society is a creative studio that questions the way in which we are consuming and producing these days. Not happy with the current state of things, (re)vision creates clothes and projects with a limited environmental impact. Their designs give rise to more than physical objects: they represent a certain ethos and help us rethink the way we act as a society today. This means that (re)vision steers clear of seasonal collections and short-lived trends.

For its production, (re)vision society goes on a fabric hunt in London factories, salvaging scraps that would otherwise end up on the rubbish heap. Each item is subsequently crafted in London and equipped with handmade tags that are also sourced from offcuts.

Even after the products are ready, (re)vision society takes the green road, packaging every order by hand in their studio in London Fields. It won’t come as a surprise that their packaging materials are 70% to 100% recycled, and that most of them are made in England. The orders are delivered on foot, by bicycle or public transport to the local post office to keep carbon emissions to a minimum.

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