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URU Design

Danish company Uru insists on doing the right thing and being responsible, both socially and ecologically. This label focuses primarily on Danish design and practical innovations. The result is best summarized as sustainable, high-quality and aesthetic products with great respect for the Scandinavian values of functionality, simplicity and minimalism.

For Uru, quality is first and foremost about using environmentally friendly, sustainable and socially responsible materials. In addition, the brand attaches a lot of importance to the specifics of its production process (where it takes place and in what conditions, and who is involved).

The first product that Uru released onto the market were its SOLOSOCKS™– both a beautiful example of the label’s key values and a nod to the meaning behind its brand name (Uru stands for ‘You Are You’: individuality is our reality, and that is true even for socks!). With SOLOSOCKS™, Uru wants customers to hang on to their socks, even if half of the pair goes missing. That’s why SOLOSOCKS™ are all different, yet have matching designs. The socks are packaged by type, not in pairs. And not only the concept of SOLOSOCKS™ is green; sustainability is top of mind throughout the production phase as well. For instance, the socks are made from organic and GOTS certified cotton, and Uru’s (recyclable!) packaging is designed by a Danish company and produced in Denmark.

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