Luxurious, sustainable and hand-knitted designs are the trademark of Aiayu, a Danish brand that combines traditional Bolivian craftsmanship with modern Scandinavian design. The label not only represents a mix of cultures and times; Aiayu also succeeds in bringing ethics and aesthetics together.

All Aiayu products are made from the same material, namely llama wool, which is subject to strict quality control. To facilitate these checkups, the wool is processed in one and the same factory in Bolivia. Even more amazingly: the entire production chain is based there. Bolivian crafts(wo)men have a knack for knitting and literally leave their mark on the things they make for Aiayu. As soon as an item is finished (which can take anything from a couple of days to a few weeks), its manufacturer puts her name on it. Because Aiayu has been working with the same people and the same material for so many years, it can guarantee exceptional quality.

The Bolivian factory where the Aiayu magic happens is completely built according to European standards, and its employees have exactly the same rights as European workers. The factory closes its doors on anything but the newest knitting machines and ergonomic chairs and tables. Every worker gets first-aid training, a government-approved contract as well as a safe and well-lit workplace. Moreover, the factory takes equally good care of the environment. Thanks to an ingenious water recycling system, up to 75% of its waste water can be reused. Finally, Aiayu only offers its llama wool clothes in natural colors, thus minimizing the use of dyes and other chemicals. In short: Aiayu stands for an environmentally friendly concept that both the consumer and the producer benefit from.

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