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Pulp Fabrics

Pulp Fabrics sprang from the brain of Natalie de Koning, who teamed up with GW Agency to make her idea a reality. De Koning, who specializes in materials and sustainability, is working towards new, circular systems. Pulp Fabrics fits this picture: it is a platform that offers reclaimed fabrics from Dutch textile producers to designers and fashion students – or any customer who wants to make his or her own clothes for that matter.

Pulp Fabrics sells its high-end materials in limited editions. Instead of continually buying new materials, Pulp joins forces with producers who want to find a solution for their surplus textiles. In Pulp’s unique business model, consumers assemble their own clothes, with a little help from the accompanying Pulp-designs. Making consumers experience how their clothes are actually make, the designers hope to raise awareness about the value of the production process. 

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