Contour Lab

Contour Lab is a Belgian digital platform for offering shopping advice in e-commerce. Via a simple survey, in which customers enter their height, weight, skin tone, hair and eye color, among other things, the tool determines their body and color type. Subsequently, it shows them the most flattering items on a curated page within your webshop. If the customer clicks on an item, the recommended size immediately appears.

Contour Lab wants to help fashion brands bring their return rate to zero. So the solution also offers insights into returns, analyzes the reasons behind them, and helps centralize return data for a better overview. The first tests reveal that the software leads to a 19% drop in returns caused by fitting problems.

Contour Lab was established by Christina Hadinoto out of personal frustration. 1m53 tall, she’s not a “standard type”, and she often has difficulties finding the right items. With her solution, she not only wants to guide customers through the overwhelming options and take away uncertainties about fit and size, but also to make the industry more inclusive. Hadinoto aims for a shopping experience where everyone feels and looks great, regardless of body type or size.

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