Honest by

In 2012, designer Bruno Pieters launched the concept Honest by. Honest by is a label for men and women that is characterized by an ecological and animal friendly production process as well as a completely transparent presentation.

Honest by is the first company in the world to be this open about their production process. The term ‘honest’ appropriately refers to the way the company functions.The idea is that every piece of clothing gets its own unique label specifying where, by whom and with which materials it was made. Timeless winter and summer pieces, designed by Bruno Pieters as well as by guest designers, are for sale at the online store all year long.

The concept offers designers and brands a public platform to share their own design processes, utilizing the extensive research Honest by has already conducted on organic fabrics and suppliers. The brands Honest by collaborates with share their personal information on the production of clothes as well as accessories. This is information which Honest by, in turn, communicates to the clients. Every part of the collaboration process is transparent, including the price settings.

By doing this, Honest by wants to shed light on the question, ‘Where were my clothes made and by whom?’.

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