Kristel Peters

Kristel Peters is a shoe designer who at the moment is affiliated with KASK / School of Arts (University College Ghent). She is involved in a project called ‘Rethinking High Fashion Shoes’, researching sustainable shoe design. The project was one of the things that sparked ‘Alice’. This 3D-printed shoe made of sustainable leather was introduced at the Additive Design Challenge, immediately becoming a laureate.

Peters uses personal scans of feet to 3D-print these shoes, so every pair has an exact fit. The process of 3D-printing, moreover, eliminates the use of non-recyclable glues.

The base is the same for every shoe, but it can be personalized or adapted to the season. This heightens customer engagement, which in turn means that shoes are less easily discarded.

Peters’ modular shoe is a statement against, as well as a possible answer to, the huge amount of waste generated by fast fashion.

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