From Roll to Bag

The ‘From Roll to Bag’ project (coordinated by Tampere University of Technology, Finland) was born from the desire to connect virtual design, sales technology and digital manufacturing. Thus the project members want to guarantee a consumer-driven, local production.

By implementing 3D and augmented reality applications in their webshop, the project leaders want to invite consumers to an inspiring shopping experience. The production of customized orders is made possible by the ‘from-ROLL-to-BAG’ production process. This requires a stock of undyed fabrics and accessories which the customer can personalize according to his needs. Thus unnecessarily large stocks are avoided.


The solution could offer new commercial opportunities to ICT partners and representatives of the creative industry alike, as well as increasing their competitive power on the global marketplace.

The European Union funds the project, hoping to further the work of European scientists and to produce world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab onto the market. Belgian partners Bivolino en Lectra Benelux are also involved in this project.