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Bio-eco-vegan-fairtrade … What’s in a name? When you’re lost in semantics, make sure to check the website of Eco Fashion World or the glossary of Eco Chic Design Award. Some frequently used vocab to get you started:

  • C2C – Cradle to Cradle: 
    You can take that literally. Waste is reused as a resource, which is in turn produced and consumed without causing damage to the environment or to people.
  • Biological:
    This refers to the use of methods that are ecological, economic and socially sustainable. Synthetic pesticides, for instance, are not done, yet organic fertilizers are totally okay.
  • Organic:
    Derived from living organisms: plants or animals. Organic cotton: cotton grown without the use of pesticides.
  • Ecological:
    Environmentally friendly. Ecology is the study of the relationship between living organisms and their physical environment. An ecological approach includes for instance recycling, waste reduction, cutting carbon emissions, using animal friendly materials and reducing/avoiding the use of toxins.
  • Sustainable:
    Focus on long life and durability; little impact on the environment.
  • Social:
    Made in honest working conditions.
  • Ethical:
    Relates to principles of right and wrong. Ethical fashion is made with respect for people and their environment.
  • Fairtrade:
    Provides manufacturers in developing countries with a fair price (honest trading).
  • Circular?
    Check the About page!
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