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Using premium materials and making sure your items last are key prerequisites for working sustainably. Put quality center stage and guard it throughout your entire process. The more wears per garment, the smaller the impact. Moreover, quality and durability increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. So make sure to communicate about this commitment you are making with your product or your brand.

The Guidelines on making clothing that lasts help designers and clothing brands with concrete recommendations to extend the lifespan of new collections. For each clothing type, you will find minimum values, target values as well as technical guidelines to avoid common defects or wear and tear.

Some tips when using this tool:

  • The guide is intended as a working tool to review regularly when designing and buying or when resolving defects that arise. Print out your copy to lay in your work location or to bring with you when visiting trade shows or suppliers.
  • Don't just use the recommendations as a checklist; discuss them with your suppliers. Together you can find the best solutions.
  • The lifespan of a garment also depends on the user. Inform your customer well about maintenance and repair options, both via sales channels (shops, webshop, etc.) and via labelling. Especially if a minimum requirement cannot be met for technical reasons, inform your customer that the product requires special treatment or is delicate in certain circumstances.

The Guide 'Clothing Design for Longevity' was developed by the clothing brand Xandres, research organisation VITO and the Flemish fashion and design centre Flanders DC, in collaboration with Centexbel and with support from VLAIO and Circular Flanders.

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