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The Swiss company Bluesign Technologies helps textile manufacturers reduce their environmental footprint and guarantee the safety of their staff. Bluesign Technologies wants to align the different players in the textile chain as well as increase the industry’s sustainability efforts.

In 2015, the company came up with the BlueXpert tool to reduce the use of energy, water and chemicals in textile factories. The tool puts factories into contact with partners of the Bluesign Chemical System, a database containing suppliers that steer clear of harmful substances. Teaming up with these suppliers, a company’s use of chemicals can drop with 15%. The tool also encourages other collaborations, which can help to achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption, and 50% in water consumption.

Bluesign Technology is part of numerous organizations that put the environment center stage, like The Conservation Alliance, The European Outdoor Conservation Association, B.A.U.M. and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

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