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back Eco-Age - British consultancy firm that encourages organizations to become more sustainable

Eco-Age is a consultancy firm that encourages organizations and companies to ‘green up’ their act. Eco-age offers solutions and opportunities to operate more sustainably, as well as giving advice on how to capitalize on these efforts by marketing them. In concrete terms this means that companies can turn to Eco-Age  for advice on marketing, communication techniques, sustainable design or an analysis of their production chain. The founder and inspirer of the project is Livia Firth, the wife of actor Colin Firth. In addition to being Creative director of Eco Age, she is also a Global Ambassador for Oxfam and a UN leader of change.

Eco-Age practices what it preaches, introducing their vision to the world by means of a clever marketing stunt. The organization’s ‘The Green Carpet Challenge’ gives the red carpet an ethical slant: with the help of clothing labels, it promotes sustainable fashion by having famous actors and actresses show it off on the red carpet. The brands are selected by Eco-Age and they have to meet ten sustainability criteria. They are rewarded with a ‘Green Carpet Challenge’ stamp of approval. Stella McCartney, Erdem and Gucci are among the A-list designers who participated in the Challenge.

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