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back Be on the lookout for innovative materials

New materials are popping up like mushrooms (yes, sometimes literally so …). Try to keep track of the latest evolutions. A few materials to keep an eye on:

  • Lyocell like Tencel®
  • Materials made from recycled plastic like for instance Bionic Yarn
  • Alternatives to traditional leather:
  • Material made from waste. Econyl®, for example, offers materials made from waste that contains nylon
  • GORE-TEX® is a green company that uses new technologies to create their sustainable, water- and windproof, yet breathable fabrics that are frequently used for outerwear, for instance by brands like The North Face and Patagonia.
  • Organic alternatives to classic materials. A few examples are the organic silk that is for sale at Coccon and Seidentraum or organic cotton
  • Recycled polyester, including REPREVE, Eco-fi, Teijin's Eco Circle and Infinity polyester
  • Material made from milk, like QMilk and Cassein
  • Fabrics made from coffee. There is for instance S.Café who collects the dregs of large coffee companies like Starbucks and turns it into yarn. The result is a quick-drying fabric that is both anti-odor and UV-protective. S.Café teams up with several outdoor and sports brands, like Asics and Timberland.
  • Material made from Miscanthus grass, like Miscanthus
  • Natural, biodegradable materials like hemp (e.g. StexFibers) and Crailar
  • Fabrics based on natural silk fibers made by spiders and insects. Bolt Threads presents us with a beautiful example of this type of fabric
  • Bio-designed materials, for which algae, bacteria and mushrooms form the basis. Biocouture, for instance, is working towards such solutions
  • With its 100% vegetable bio rubber from the guayule plant, Yulex offers an important alternative to traditional rubber.
    Since 2014, Yulex has been collaborating with Patagonia to make plant-based wetsuits. 

Keen an eye on interesting blogs and news sites to keep track of the latest developments. Make sure to check out Interloom to buy a few of these materials.

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