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back Give advice on how to mend the clothing that you sell

We all know the feeling of discovering these little plastic bags with spare buttons inside our new jackets. As a designer, why not take the extra step and add a little information on what to do when seams are torn, buttons come off or when there’s a hole in the sweater?

Outdoor brand Patagonia has developed a handy Patagonia Product Care Guide. This valuable source of information teaches you everything you need to know, from sewing in a zipper to washing and drying a waterproof vest.

Several denim labels are also making their mark in this regard. The Dutch labels MUD Jeans and Kings of Indigo provide a free repair service or kit, for instance. The Swedish brand Nudie Jeans even offers two different options for repairing jeans. First, customers can visit a Nudie Jeans store to have their pair fixed for free. Second, they can also decide to repair the jeans themselves. In the latter case, Nudie Jeans sends them a Jeans Repair Kit. This lifesaver is completely free and contains thread, patches and a few other things that come in handy.

As an alternative, you can obviously also do the repairs of your own clothing line. If you decide to go with this option, think it through thoroughly and incorporate this service into your business plan.

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