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The London-based Project Provenance Ltd is a platform that gathers knowledge about transparent production chains, sustainability and ethical guidelines. By informing other companies, labels and organizations, the project does its part to create a better world. Project Provenance Ltd strives for a transparent industry in which every company is open about the story behind their product.

To make this story more attractive, companies can rely on the digital know-how and experience of Project Provenance Ltd, which digitalizes the history of every product, so customers can access it. This makes companies more transparent, and products much more interesting. Project Provenance Ltd makes sure to keep the information up-to-date, so consumers don’t lose interest.

Project Provenance Ltd not only targets entrepreneurs, but wants everyone to share their vision. This is why you can become an ambassador for the project and promote your favorite, transparent brands. When you buy a sustainable and transparent product, you can let the whole world know by using the company hashtag #PPGO.

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